Maintenance Our experienced maintenance team are here to help on a full range of maintenance issues.

With a dedicated emergency telephone number and an email contact for those issues that are a little less urgent, landlords and tenants alike can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

5 key tips to help maintain your home
and protect your deposit

  • Ventilate your property well, in order to avoid any condensation turning into mould.
  • Arrange to clear leaves from gutters to avoid rain gathering and over spilling, potentially damaging internal walls and ceilings.
  • Always obtain written landlord consent for any decorating you wish to carry out.
  • Empty all pockets of tissues and any other objects before loading the washing machine.
  • Don’t flush wet wipes, disposable nappies or anything similar down the toilet. It will get blocked!!!

To contact the maintenance team please complete the maintenance enquiry form on this page.

Maintenance enquiry

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