We understand that for many, the buying process can be complicated, we’ve tried to simplify this in 10 Simple steps below.

  1. Identifying your dream home
    Once you have identified the properties that you would like to view, please contact us to arrange a convenient time to take a look. Most of our viewings are accompanied, so our expert negotiators should be able to furnish you with all of the information required in order to make an informed decision.
    Once we have successfully negotiated your purchase, it is at this stage you will need to appoint a solicitor. It is essential that you appoint a solicitor that is easy to communicate with in order that we can keep you appraised of the up to date position of your purchase at all of the key stages.
    Once we have received buyer and sellers solicitors details, we will write to all parties concerned, this letter is called
  2. Memorandum of Sale Letters
    These would usually be sent to all concerned within 48 hours of you informing us of your solicitor details.
  3. Draft Contracts
    2-3 days after we have sent these letters to all concerned, we will contact your solicitor to ensure that they have received draft contracts from the sellers solicitor.
  4. Apply for Searches
    Once Draft contracts have been received, we would expect the your Solicitor to apply for Searches, these usually take two weeks to be returned, but this can vary from borough to borough.
    We usually will not contact your solicitor for a fortnight to chase these as there is little that can be done to expedite this process. For your part, you will need to have placed your solicitor in funds in order to do this.
  5. Survey / Property Valuation (If you require a Mortgage)
    By now your Mortgage broker will have confirmed that you are able to proceed and we should have received a call from the bank to arrange a mortgage valuation. We will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for this to take place.
    This should not take longer than one week from your offer being accepted, so we will speak to your broker if we have not heard from them in this timeframe.
  6. Mortgage Offer (Should you require one)
    Your lender should be in a position to forward a Mortgage offer to your solicitor within one week of the valuation being carried out. We will check that they are in receipt of the mortgage offer when we call to see whether the searches have been received.
  7. Enquiries Raised
    Once searches are received we check to see if your solicitor has raised any enquiries. It is at this point that our attention turns to vendors solicitor. We will ask if they have received enquiries.
  8. Report to Client
    Once this has been completed to the satisfaction of both sides, your solicitor should be in a position to invite you to sign your contracts.
  9. Offering Exchange of Contracts
    Once all of the above has been done you should be ready to Exchange Contracts. At Exchange of contracts, your solicitor will agree a completion date, this is typically a week to ten days from the agreed Exchange date, this gives your solicitor the opportunity to request any mortgage funds from the lender. (This process can be longer or shorter depending upon the requirements of those involved).
  10. Completion
    Then it’s completion day, (hooray!!!)
    Once we receive a call from the vendors solicitor informing us that all funds have been received, we will call you to confirm that we are able to release the keys to you and you can start the journey to your new property.
    We hope that this gives you an idea of the process and if you need any assistance throughout this process, we will be only too happy to help or explain.